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Professional Summary


I'm the Art director for Mishu Music that includes Radio Bizarro, House of Creatives Music Festival and Isle of Light Fest. My main responsibilities are branding and art direction as well as researching different market trends and best practices. I connect with influencers, strategy across all brands and finally artist liaisons in the Dominican Republic.


I was in charge of the Marketing and Media Department. I also art directed, budgeted, did media buying and production for Hotel Beds & Expedia.


I was in charge of creating and executing project work plans and assigning  individual responsibilities. I also managed day-to-day operational aspects of a project and the scope. I reviewed deliverables prepared by the team before passing them to the client. I also worked with the client in the creative process while at the same time enforcing project standards.

Finally I ensured project documents were complete, current, and stored appropriately.


Interactive Graphic Designer - MGSCOMM - Miami, FL

I was in charge of designing different executions of all the digital and online work. I handed off designs to the development and creative team so that they could deliver interactive content, PHP, HTML, CSS, 3D modeling & rendering, visual effects and editing.


I designed window displays, as well as giving personal style and visual merchandising advice to the store. I was also in charge of their social media marketing and design for Facebook and Email Blasts.


Fashion Magazine Design Certificate.

Personal Stylist Certificate. 

2006 - 2008 

Post Graduate - Art Direction & Design.


Fine Arts & Illustration.

Communication Design.




Work Experience


2002 - 2003

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Music is my life. In my free time you can find me at a concert or at a rave surrounded by

the people I love. Yoga is what keeps me centered when the world is falling apart. I love to attend yoga retreats especially at the beach.  

Nature fills my heart with so much joy. Any given weekend I'll be on the road for miles

trying to find the perfect beach.

Last but not least I enjoy food so much, especially Italian cuisine.



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